Triple spiral - Triskele

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Triple spiral : Triskele

Some of these symbols date back to 3000 BC and can still be seen today on stone carvings in Ireland. The triskele is an ancient celtic symbol related to the sun. Triple centered spirals were also used by the early Christian monks. The single spiral is the oldest of all and it has symbolized the concept of growth, expansion, and cosmic energy.
This spiral pattern is used a lot in kolams and rangolis.

Rangoli: Triple spiral - Triskele


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I thought they were stylised roses especially when drawn with stylised leaves around them.Aren't they used in the 4 moolai Kolams and on the padis and corners?

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Yes, they are used in the corners and in borders a lot, but they're not roses, as far as I know Smile

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This looks very similar to the symbol of Sicily, the island where I live.