Thai Poosam Lord Murugar rangoli

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About Thai Poosam Lord Murugar rangoli:

I wish to upload a free hand rangoli of Lord Murgar hugging his Lord Father ShivLingam, on the festival of Thai Poosam. o2.o2.2015,Mumbai,from, RaghaRadha. Tanq.Rangoli a free hand kolam: Thai Poosam Lord Murugar by RaghaRadha

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Rangoli: Thai Poosam Lord Murugar rangoli


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Wow, looks very nice! I like how tightly He is holding around the Lingam. Nice jewelry in rangoli as well. Smile

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Thank You Ikolam Admin for your nice comments. Encourages me to give more and more.

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Lovely and beautiful MURUGAR. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Thank you Lakshmisethu Madam.

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Very nice. Eyes & face of Murugan very beautiful.

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Thank you RevathiIlango Madam.

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nice eyes,nice colour combination.congrats ROD :crown:

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wow wow spell bound!!! amazing.....i like the jewelly :love:

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Very nice.

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Very sweet! Lord Murugan hugging Shivalingam! The face has come out very affectionate! Of course jewellery is awesome!! Smile Smile :love: :love:

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Thank you Ms.Sridevipons, Ms.Suguna Murugesan,Ms,Vasumathy Sathish, Ms.Chandy for your constructive comments.