Temple roof design for diwali contest 2010.

marees Mon, 11/15/2010 - 10:04
Hey..Superb one ya...This shows how much you are inspired by temple arts..Great work..Nice colors..If yellow was there it would have been too too good and bright..
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Best wishes and thank you so much for participating in the contest. :) Rangoli contest 2010 results will be announced on November 20th at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time (that will be November 21st 7:30am Indian Standard Time)
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Cnogratulations marees...Iam so happy u won...expecting more frequent submissions from now on....congrats again...
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Cogradulatios Marees. You deserve it. Such a beautiful rangoli.
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deepa ram
congrats Marees mam,like expected urs was the topper kolam,u really deserve it!congrats!
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Thank u so much for all who voted for me. I cant even beleive this. I am very happy......... With regards, Marees.
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congrats marees........keep it up.....
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congratulations marees.you are awesomely talented.........
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Thank you brijeshmihika mam,mahimasharma mam. With regards, Marees.
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very beautiful.you deserve to be a winner.congrats!
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
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Padma Prakash
Hi Marees, congratulations for being a winner and you deserve it.
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Thank you priya mam, jaanu mam, suhashini mam,padma mam , nithya mam, rekha mam, vyjanthi mam......... With regards, Marees.
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Thank you shalini mam With regards, Marees.
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Hi Marees mam, Congratulations. I believe you have struggled a lot in uploading this kolam and I can feel your tensed mood while communicating to Ms Lata in uploading. Your Rangoli looks so pretty and usage of colour combinations is very nice. Mahalakshmi
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Congratulations. Excellent work. You deserve the first prize.
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Congrats Marees! Awesome job and very symmetrical kolam!
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Congrats Marees for being the winner of the contest. I admire your drawing talent. May God bless you..
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Thank you vinci mam, mathangi mam, sreegiri mam, pragaya mam , mahalakshmi mam....... With regards, Marees.
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Chethan Srinivasan

Congrats Mam. Real neat execution.
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lovely kolam congratulation for being the winner.
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Beautiful rangoli. love it. congrats for winning.
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Exellent kolam,i wondered at every time when i visited to Meenakshi amman temple , i tooks photos, but in rangoli no chance.
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Radha Vasudevan
Wowwwww....so nice mam.... very cute... Regards RadhaVimal
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ஆ ! இ வ் வ ளவு அழகான கோலத்தை ரசிக்க கண்கள் இரண்டு போதாது தோழி !
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