Temple roof design for diwali contest 2010.

This is a round rangoli drawn with the inspiration of designs in the temple ceiling.


What a beautiful temple ceiling rangoli Marees! Nice curvy strokes and good choice of bold colors. Lovely shell shapes within. All the best! :) (Just so you know, I couldn't use the image you had uploaded as it was only half the size this is. I edited and used the one you had emailed me). :)

Thank you , lata sis for your encouraging comments.

marvelous. What perfection.. I love it.

Excellent. The design, colour combination all are good. The curved strokes has come out very nicely. All the best

Awesome rangoli marees...all d best...

Excellent work.. The lines & curves are perfect.. Very artistically done :) All the best.

is this a rangoli?Looks like a painter has executed his skill to perfection on the floor.amazing work...i cannot take off my eyes of your rangoli..lovely work........:)

What a doubt is is really a rangoli mam.Thank you so much for your beautiful encouraging comments.

Looks like a paint..All the best..

cute & neat work mam

superb work. The design looks beautiful.

Madam, Wow... beautiful work...Its truly a work of art!!

madam ah... i am not too old sister. Thank you so much for your beautiful encouraging comments.

cute and beautiful

Excellent desugn, good colouring and shading, nice curvy strokes and symmetric. Awesome. All d best.

Marvellous Marees. The temple ceiling rangoli landed on the floor. All the best.

A very neatly crafted rangoli mam,what a curve u have created for the flower petals just awesome!gud Luck mam!

Excellent ,very neat,very much perfect.all the best.

Superb! such a lovely kolam

Cute Work

Design, drawing, color selection, coloring all perfect to the core. without lifting the neck we could see a lovely temple roof rangoli here. rajamma


Awesome rangoli ..lovely colours/strokes...keep itup..all the best

Wow I am spell-bound by this creation, very very beautifully done, color combination superb, execution superb, symmetry supero-super, overall superrrrrrrrrrr.

Excellent Rangoli in all aspects, Marees. I love every part of this rangoli. (Only the numbers of the second and the third round could have been checked). All the best.

what a pucca perfect uniformity, ! welldone marees, grt grt grt grt wk

Just loved it Marees !!! looks awesome :) All the best Saras

Beautiful........... Very nice

Mesmerising effect and great work! I like the use of colours in such a way as to create a three dimensional effect. Must have taken a lot of time as there are lots of minute details to be attended to. Nice roof to the god's temple, reminds me of my series. That God is certainly pleased, though I am not sure of the judge gods and goddesses :-) But no problem from me as I decided not to grade anyone this year. My dear friend, your enthusiasm and participation makes you already a winner in my opinion. Regards! - mOhana

Thank you to all for your beautiful comments. With regards, Marees.

very cute and perfect all the best marees.

perfect designing cute........

wonderful and all the best.

Beautiful symmetry and shading maintained through out,your strokes are sooo even and perfect

great idea//good execution too

Very beautiful temple roofing rangoli....nice curves, colours just like a painting....superb...

what an amazing design and it is so beautiful too........................


Beautiful Design . Very neat and intricately drawn. Shows the amount of efforts you have put in. All the Best.

great work... very beautiful... !! just loved the colours and the shading...

beautiful rangoli;wow

Its really an innovative thinking.I can feel the name of this Rangoli(Temple roof) wen i saw this in first sight.The colors and the perfection in finishing is awesome.The creator is a genius.Advance wishes.thanks.

Really the shading and perfection is wonderfull.

excellent wotk. all the best.

Hi Marees, Nice to see your kolam on floor after a break.. Exquisite Execution. Good choice of colors with neat spreading & shading. Good work. All the best..

perfect representation on floor.

nice work :)

Thank u for all your comments mam. With regards, Marees.

wow!the bold colors are beautiful and the curvy strokes are also very good,all the best:)

Nice design and decorative lamp at the centre! Good choice of colors with smooth filling and shading make your rangoli stand out!