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SriKrishna's feet in the middle with Thulasi leaves, surrounded by flowers at the entrance of the house.

krishna janmashtami
Rangoli: SriKrishnaJayanthi


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It is raining flowers nowadays! Another beautiful floral arrangement, nicely conceived and beautifully executed. The tulasI adds a good contrast.

Regards! - mOhana

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Decorating Srikrishna's feet with tulasi in the middle of the rangoli is a good idea. A nice flower rangoli, thank you for sharing. Smile

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mOhanaji, it is going to rain flowers for a couple of more days. Smile

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Krishna padham is very nice and the flower arrangement is very beautiful Manjula ma'am.
Thanks for sharing...

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Your Pookolam decorating Krishna Paadam is very very Beautiful, Manjula Ma'am.....

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The Thulasi Paadams of Srikrishna over the roses very well done. the outer design not clear because of the red background.

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Very nice. A green or blue or any contrast background would make this wonderful.

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Very nice poo kolam Manjula,I can smell the roses hmm.....good fragrance.

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excellent flower kolam ..... krishnaa nee beegaane baaroo...!!

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nice pookolam ,but the red background could have been different

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Wow Manjula this looks really grand..

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very pretty dear