Spring Garden Kolams - Amaryllis

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About Spring Garden Kolams - Amaryllis : PRINT

I think this is one flower that really has a long shelf life and I just love the way it looks. Last Christmas my mum got a stalk of this flower from a friend as a christmas present with 2 flowers and 5 buds and by the time the last bud bloomed in her vase it was more than one month. I took a picture of the flower for my collection. On seeing the same flower bloom in the spring garden I got a brainwave. I realised that I had made one design of this flower during my saree designing classes and searched all over till I found it. Well that was quite a small image to I enlarged it and added some colour to it. I made a collage of the real flower and my computer saree design amaryllis. Since my creation was not a copy of the picture you see above - I purposely put both in different angles so you won't compare both the images. I am quite sure you all will like it.... Waiting to hear your comments Smile

stargazer lily
Rangoli: Spring Garden Kolams - Amaryllis


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On the left, you have a pretty and delicate flower design colored in pastel pink color! The flower on the right is called Stargazer lily. Some people also call it Day lily, here in California. I read that this flower was created sometime in the late 70's by a lily breeder in California, ofcourse now available all over.

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hai judy...lovely photoshop flower...d colour is so soothing...

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superb one dear super photoshop

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Thank you Lata (ya I remember the name now), Rani and Alamelu for your comments Smile

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Very nice design aunty Smile

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Thank you Preeti Smile

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Actually I remember to have seen saris with such flower designs. Good work!

Regards! - mOhana

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Judy cute flower and nice photoshop work

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I say ,We have to call u Photoshop Queen

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Thank you JKM, Pushpa and Sumathi (there is more for me to achieve to receive that title I think dear) Smile