Snake sikku.

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Dear friends,
These snake are caught by somebody...but they are trying to go out ..

Rangoli: Snake sikku.


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Snaky kolam Look like they are swimming in the water.(water snakes)

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malar...coming up with new new designs....super....

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mala, looks very nice and excellent

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thank U rajamma mam, rani mam & sudha mam

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Simple and neat.

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I simply adore your thin fine lines... pretty kolam

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snake families escaping on all the four directions? Good imagination!

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Excellent kolam & nice imagination. Gr8

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உங்கள் வர்ணனையை படித்ததும் நிஜமாகவே பாம்பை பார்ப்பது போல் இருக்கிறது.

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Slim snakes going for Miss World contest I think - neat work Malar Smile

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aaDu pAMbE vilaiyADu pAMbE Smile Great imagination!

Regards! - mOhana

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I like this kolam very much.
I am enjoying your profile picture even more. Smile

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On your mark, set, Go... sorry sorry, still permission pending..

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malar yr snakes are are ready to attack o all sides.. run run fast, very nice.

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Very neat work Malar - your strokes are sleek and casual Smile