small swastik kolam.

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The floor in my varandah is white. so a little red tile. inside the little tile, little swastik for pillayar.

Rangoli: small swastik kolam.


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viji maam, nice idols and cute stencil kolams too.

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Beautiful idols and look so divine with swastiks.

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Wow...viji mam...lovely terracota pieces u have and ur swasthik kolam with mango designs r lovely on ur red tile...

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Pretty terracorra items Viji Smile

Sarasp's picture

Very pretty Viji mam'

lakshmiraghu's picture

looks pretty.keep itup

vijaysowmya's picture

lovely swastik designs in front of cute terracotta ganapathy..nice elephants too...

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very cute,viji mam

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Idathukku thagundha kolam Viji.

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Pretty display of terracotta work.

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யானை முகத்தோன் என்றே யானைகளை முன் வைத்தாரோ
அழகாய் தான் இருக்கும் என்றே அருகேதான் வைத்தாரோ
கோடுகளால் கோலங்களை போட்டு முன் வைத்தார் _மனம்
கோணாமல் வாழ்ந்திட நான் வாழ்த்துகிறேன் .

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Cute kolams and cute terracota idols.


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simple and nice kolams....ganesha with elephants looks so divine

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Waiting waiting to see your kavithai.

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Friends, I really thank all being commented my very very little kolam.
I hesitate to upload, but on a second thought done it.
Thanks friends.