Simple Rangoli

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About Simple Rangoli:

Dear Friends,
this is a freehand simple rangoli for the beginners only...

Rangoli: Simple Rangoli


jasree's picture

As usual ur simple kolam also looks very pretty

mahimasharma's picture

looks lovely....

lakshmiraghu's picture

bold and beautiful kolam looks crispy.

sreegiri's picture

Beautiful design.

ammuchandhini's picture

Very cute design Indira....

Vinci's picture

Pretty kolam

vijaysowmya's picture

very simple yet done beautifully...

Pragaya's picture

Cute and nice.

umaraja's picture

neat sharp wk

brindhanagesh's picture

looking very pretty, Indira.

kameswari's picture

Cute kolam.

veena manigandan's picture

Nice one.

dibbutn's picture

Indira maam I always love ur simple kolams... they seem to just flow out of ur hands and glide on the floor... loved this simple design

anirudh's picture

simple, yet pretty one, as usual your strokes are very crisp &neat, thanks for sharing

ushavenkatesh's picture

simple and cute.

Anisha Raghunath's picture

very cutee kolam.....

smahalakshmi's picture

Nice design.

indira sundar's picture

My heartfull thanks to all my friends..-Indira Sundar