Temple kolam

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Hai to all...this is done by an 81 yr old lady who lives near my sil's house...when we were ready to catch our train at 5am yesterday...here i was seeing this old paatti putting kolam at a nearby temple....she was so happy seeing me praising her kolam...its all Samayapurathu Mariyamma's arul ...this was what she was saying...requested for a photo of her kolam and thought of sharing with all of you Smile

Rangoli: Temple kolam


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What a beauty! Thank you for sharing this piece here with us, Rani. Biggrin

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Thanks a lot lata...great to hear from u dear.... Smile

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wow what a neat and beautiful paatti kolam Smile thanks for sharing Dirol

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Oh, wonderful.! An enthusiastic paatti at the age of 81 putting such a wonderful kolam in front of the temple! :party: Amazing. Rani thanks for sharing the kolam. U could have got that lovely paatti in your camera. Thanks for sharing this. We , the members of ikolam are saluting that Senior sister who loves kolam and dedicates her gift to the Goddess Smile

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Really a highly appreciable work done by this 81 year old paati. Hats off to her.

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What a wonderful rangoli from a patti..Really her interest in drawing rangoli in this age is appreciable...Thanks for sharing.. Smile

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Thank you Ranima for taking this pretty photo dear. Kolams looks so very beautiful. Reminds me of the patti we met during ikolam meet at Bangalore...

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Wow, an 81 year old lady drawing such big creative kolam! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks sugu, rajamma mam(eventhough i wanted to but this paati's son was particular...kolam mattum eduthukkonga),thanks maha, vidhs dear, push darling and jaya mam for enjoying this kolam Smile

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81yr old paati,,,wowwwwwww looks brilliant,,, shows her enthu and dedication,,, Smile

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Amazing ! 81 year old patti's kolam is very nice and wonderful.

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wow!!!hats off to paati....thnks rani...lovely kolam..

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Splendid creation for an 81 year old. Perfect execution and that too a very complicated design with symmetry..amazing....really she is a gifted person. :star: :star: :star: Thanks for sharing this with us Rani. Smile

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Thanks uma, kala, laksh, and sowmi for enjoying this kolam Smile