Simple kolam

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About Simple kolam:

This is a simple kolam with dots 4 to 4 and used kaavi to border it... hope you like it

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Simple kolam


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Pushpa maam, Tiny little kolam looks very nice.

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nice kolam.

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rumba azhaga irukku madam

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Why ur kolams shrinking day by day?
this is small but cute.

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Looks nice with kaavi..

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Not only shrinking Rajam but also becoming a little casual too - Pushpa what happened - not enough time huh?? Cute kolam but the usual proportion is missing Smile

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Cute kolam looks nice

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Yes Pushpaji, we use to see bigger and prettier kolams from you. Though this is a small one, you decorated it with kavi which is attractive.

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Tx everyone... I promise you once Lata gives me the nod I will upload big chikku maa kolams.. awaiting Lata's approval to download

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cute kutti kolam.