sikku kolam29

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This is the bigger version of the 7-7 dots. This is actually 15 dots 7 rows and extra dots on the sides. hope u enjoy both of them

Rangoli: sikku kolam29


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pretty chikku kolam, drawn very neatly, Bharathi I an tempted to put this with wet maavu.

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Wow...too good bharathy amma....i am also tempted to do an even bigger version of this....thanks for a new kolam....

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wow very nice!-suguna murugesan

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very neat and beautiful strokes, romba nallairuku.

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very nice chikku kolam barathy amma. thanks for sharing.

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nice kolam and gud one.

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amma also said she will try to put a bigger version the above kolam as pointed by ammu madam

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looks big and bold amma

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Big, nice and intricate.

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful kolam Bharathy amma,


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Wow Bharathi maam, this is such an excellent one drawn so very casually by you. Very beautiful.