Sikku Kolam - 52

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Hello Friends,This is a well known kolam drawn today.Dots - 19-1.Your views please...

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 52


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Veni, I just missed your half century chikku kolam. U remember I said I'll comment something after your 50th kolam? ( my husband recently went to chennai and brought some 8 set of kolam books for me.. When I saw so many chikku kolams , I thought I'll try them immediately. But to my surprise all are already drawn by you.Is there anymore Sreekanth computerised kolams at your stock?)

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Like JKM sir's sona drawings, endless variations in chikku kolam. Lovely.

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your red color border is so cute.

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This is so beautifully done veni...d outer red col was not so appealing to d naked eye but has come out so dark when uploaded to d computer...lovely...

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Thank you Rajamma Mam,Jayanthi mam,Subashini........Rajamma Mam,My Kolams are taken from my own collections and mother in - law's note book only.If you have any other collections please give me those books!!!!!!! Where you bought the books?

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Veni mam, your sikku kolam is very lovely.


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Nice single line chikku kolam! I appreciate your mother's collections!

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Thank you rani,mahalakshmi and jaya mam...

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neat wk veni as usual, hav a glance at my golu fotos

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Nice Kolam with cute border color,,

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Thank you uma and vinci..

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very nice one as usual....

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Nice sikku kolam with beautiful border

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The never ending number of chikku kolams from Veni - very very neat Smile When you say from your collection it means you (or your mother-in-law) created these kolams yourself but there are so many kolams which I have also done and others which I have in my collection too.

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Yet another beautiful kolam. The border looks beautiful. You have said its a well known kolam. But I had not seen this. By the by what is the source for your kolams. Can you reveal the secret????

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nice veni mam

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Very beautiful sikku kolam with red border..-Indira Sundar