Rose Rangoli

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This rangoli was drawn during Durga Puja for rangoli competition in our flat in the year 2007. Just wanted to share with you.


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Lovely bright colours used

Lovely bright colours used here - nice work Smile

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beautiful roses with

beautiful roses with attractive colors.............nice...

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Beautiful kolam with

Beautiful kolam with attractive colors.

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Good colours and nice

Good colours and nice execution!

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice one with even coloring

Nice one with even coloring and the effect you have given with your fingers gives it a good look

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Thank u all:-) Bhavya

Thank u all:-)

Bhavya Ramakrishna

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very nice colours

very nice colours

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lovely rose colour rose

lovely rose colour rose kolam....

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very beautiful colour how

very beautiful colour how many dots

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Lakshmi Mam its 15 to 8

Lakshmi Mam its 15 to 8 dots... Thank you:-)

Bhavya Ramakrishna

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Nice kolam. Mahalakshmi

Nice kolam.


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lovely well known kolam...

lovely well known kolam...

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Beautiful roses.

Beautiful roses.

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Pretty Roses. I like the

Pretty Roses. I like the effect given by the finger tip which gives a special look to the kolam. The spreading of colors are too neat.