Sikku Kolam - 38

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Hello Friends,This kolam made by me on saturday.Dots - 13-13 Sides - 4,5,4,3,2,1.Views please....

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 38


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I imagine a girl, with her mudra's, doing barathnatyam. Very nice aramandi, with hands stretches far out, and straight shoulders. Excellent posture and expressions Smile

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Thin bright strokes, very nice and fabulous work.

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Stars dazzling in ikolam today... Veni Madam Fantastic..

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Really you are a chikku kolam expert yaar.fantastic work!!!!


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Nice one! Enjoyed it more after reading Lata's comments!

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Thank you lata,for your comment and imagination ...(nan imagine panni parkkiren)

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Thank you nithya,vinci,anandalakshmi and jaya mam.

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romba azhagaga irukkiradhu vani.naan kodi, ther, appuram kudirai veeran yendru yedhey dhoo karpanai saigiren vani.yella karpanaigalukkum vungal kolam varugiradhu.well done .

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Beautiful Veni. Good collection of sikku kolams you have.

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wonderful kolam, Veni! I wish i could also make chikku kolams like You.

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very neat and clean perfect in your design...

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no body else can do this perfection xcept veni

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Veni maam the kolam seems to stand so proud on the floor, tx to u.. Very neatly and well executed one

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Very neat

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Wow fantastic. The shape of the kolam is very pretty & very neat. The straight line is maintained in the shape. Lata!!! you are having very good taste & imagination, the way you expressed is so nice.
Veni Mam Hats off u!! Congrats!!!

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Thank you suba,padma,brinda,vijayasowmya,uma,pushpa,jaanu and jasree.

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Yes, Lata, azhagaaga dance aadum pullikkolam idhu!

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Tip toes il daance aadum ballet dancers.

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Excellent thin and clear strokes Veniji! Really you are an expert in chikku kolam.

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I am reminded of one of my kolams that I had submitted much earlier Veni very neatly done, as always. Actually I think I have another kolam similar to the one you have done but the outside extensions are facing the opposite direction - let me search for that one now Smile

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beautiful kolam veni...only u can bring out such a neat presentation....