pongal dots rangoli

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repalle - india

this my beautiful rangoli.me draw in my office.this dots kolam.


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Nice and different kolam

Nice and different kolam

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Nice Rangoli. And could see

Nice Rangoli.
And could see hot and spicy Mirchis Smile

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Beautiful design with good

Beautiful design with good choice of colours.

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Very pretty dotted kolam...

Very pretty dotted kolam...

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Nice and colourful freehand

Nice and colourful freehand kolam.

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Cute design. Mahalakshmi

Cute design.


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cute free hand

cute free hand rangoli


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Lovely kolam looking nice

Lovely kolam looking nice and beautiful....

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very nice rangoli...white

very nice rangoli...white out line you forgot in down green tear drop design i think..add this would have been great!!