Sikku Kolam

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About Sikku Kolam:

This is the first wet mavu (Rice paste) kolam made by me. Thanks to jayanthi who gave the demonstration of this wet kolam on our Bangalore ikolam Meet day. I tried after a long gap on the teapoy. your views pls.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Sikku Kolam


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nice maavu kolam padma...nice to see ur teapoy kolam after sometime...

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nice. cameout well.

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Padma, beautiful. You have got the taste of the wet maavu. Now onwards you will only try this medium so often and become an expert like our Pushpa. This design is also very good. and the the ezhai has come uniform thru out..Good job.

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padma really beautiful looks very bright and also neatly drawn.

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Very neat maakolam,padma.

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No one will guess that this is a maiden venture Padma - looks quite professionally made you know. Good job Smile

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Thank you RAni, Viji, Rajamma mam, Sudha, veni and judy for your inspirational and motivating comments.

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first is alway the best,

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padma beautiful maa kolam keep it up

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Very nice. It looks very good in that background.

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Wow Padma maam, this is too good for a first one. Done an excellent job on it. If beginning itself is so good, I am sure u will excel in it and become a master. Rajamma maam I would rather hope she becomes a master like you than a copycat like me who just knows to copy your work extremely well Smile

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Thank you Vijayanthi, Lakshmi, Rajusree and Pushpa.
Pushpa, I would like to remain a student in this section as there are plenty of maa kolam specialists like You, Jayanthi, rajamma mam ............... Learning is a continuous process.

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Come out nice. Doesn't looks like your debut kolam.. Well done..

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very neat and nice kolam, Padma.