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About table top:

hai frnz, its my 1st table top submission, ur comments pls

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: table top


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Haiyya uma...welcome to table top kolams...looks fantastic in flourescent green pa...

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yellow kolam looks great nicely drawn

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thank u rani, actually this was done on papus writing table , as his xams r getting ovr we enjoyed doing this at 11pm yesterday after his final revisions,,

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OMG...11pm mom is d best...come on pappu say it....haha

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nice one...

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ohhh very nice table top kolam uma. appreciate you on not getting tired of making your pappu's final revision. In my sons's case i will be totally flap when preparing him for his exams. ha ha ha..

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very cute!-suguna murugesan

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Very beautiful.

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Thank u julien,veni and vasanthi

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Wow Uma, lovely table top kolam dear. I liked the fluorescent tinge to the kolam and the lovely extensions in this. Looks very pretty dear.

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Thank u pushpa,hope ur nails r safe

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he he Uma i have put ear plugs and am at the comp cos of the tension dear, dont want to go to the hall to watch the match and chew up the flesh on my fingers cos the nails are already chewed up from Pak match.

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Lets hope for d best pushpa

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Ya dear, hoping for the best only... at least for sachin's sake i want them to win, though for me winning over pak was like winning world cup.

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lovely kolam n nice border!-suguna murugesan

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nice kolam n nice match comments too...hehe

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Thank u anisha and suguna (he he he YA WE GOT IT)

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Quite beautiful with good symmetry.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks a lot sir, and a spl thanks for ur wc live comments in d cafe, SPLENDID

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Very pretty work and neat presentation Uma. So always Pappu brings out the best in cute.

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Thank u sowmi

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lovely table top kolam

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Thanks subha

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Lovely kolam Uma.

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Cute and pretty, Uma.... the fluorescent shade of green looks lovely. You had made this kolam for Papu to enjoy the completion of exams.....?!! And u also made that scale border to remind him to study... he he!! (your cute border looks like the graduations on a scale Smile

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thank u vinci and sindhu (he he he yes yes)

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Very neatly executed kolam


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Thank u maha