Shiva (completelawyer's kolam interpretation with dots)

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This was originally done by completelawyer as a freehand pattern. I had the same kolam with the dots. So here it is done in photoshop. As Anirudh wanted to know the dot count, I am sending this with the dots. Hope you all like it Smile

Rangoli: Shiva (completelawyer's kolam interpretation with dots)


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wow, i could see a new and daring ps version from u pushpa, u tempt me too much to try a ps kolam,, can u guide me,, well how to begin a small or mini ps kolam???

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Thank you Uma dear for your lovely comments and others too for your comments. Uma start off by selecting a small kolam and use brush tool (you can use pen tool too but brush tool is what I prefer) to draw the lines by placing a dot and by pressing the left side of mouse and then release the left side of mouse and move to the place you want the pattern to develop and press again along with shift key. This will make your path for the pattern. Hope I was clear dear, I am so bad at explaining but if you need any help please let me know. I learned a lot by experimenting on photoshop everyday and using youtube for guidance along with Suba dear's valuable advice.

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sorry for interruption uma and can get many tips in adope photo shop com or search on google for" pen and path tool"

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Very lovely PS kolam, Pushpa.

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woooooooooooooow wonderful push.

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wow....soo beautiful....thanks a lot Pushpa ma'm

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what a neat presention.lovely kolam on ps pushpa.

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Lovely Shiva kolam in Photoshop
Thanks Push...

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Very nice shiva kolam with dot counts.

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Wow...very neatly made ps kolam push...and thanks a lot for ur tips...and suba...thanks to u too...shall google search as u said... Smile

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So beautiful work on PS Pushpa.