Sanskar Bharathi Rangoli

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This is a very nice SB Rangoli done in our building entrance lobby by one of our residents of the building reflecting the tradition of Maharashtra. Thought of sharing with you all. I couldn't cover the full view due to its size.

Sanskar barathi Rangoli
sanskar bharathi
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Rangoli: Sanskar Bharathi Rangoli


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Wowwwwww!Really super and amazing

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Such a huge and awesome pattern sowmi....convey our regards to ur neighbour...did she do it single handedly ....very new pattern too pa....thanks a lot for sharing...:)

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Excellent colourful rangoli .. thanks for sharing Sowmi...

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Simply Superb.. No words to describe its beauty.. The colour combinations , shading etc so neatly done... Kindly convey my bestwishes and regards to your neighbour.

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Wow, excellent. Convey our wishes to the creator. Thanks for sharing this with us, Sowmi.

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Wow such a wonderful SB kolam Sowmy. Do thank your neighbor for doing such a pretty and beautiful rangoli. This is really too good. Thanks for sharing with us Sowmy.

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Excellent colourful rangoli .thanks for sharing Sowmi mam.

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Excellent Rangoli. Combination of colors is superb. Congrats to your neighbour and thanks for sharing this masterpiece with us.

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Thank you friends for your nice comments. This was done by two persons and took about 4 hrs to complete this.

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fabulous sowmy, convey our best wishes for the creators.

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lovely SB rangoli

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Really very very nice effort! Super Presentation! Congrats!

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mesmerising....wonderful job, the colors, lines soo perfect & neat, thanks a lot for sharing

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Really very beautiful!!!!
Looks like a painting!!!

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wow amazing sowmi! thanks for sharing!