Sankranthi Lakshmi

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I made this Rangoli for sankranthi in front of my flat within the limited space. I mdae Sankranthi lakshmi on that auspicious day.

Rangoli: Sankranthi Lakshmi


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Sankranthi lakshmi is something new to me...thanks for a lovely rangoli....

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Lakshmi rangoli is very pretty-Indira Sundar

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Beautiful rangoli... the red color and the manjal mugam of lakshmi looks very nice

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Beautiful rangoli. The Goddess face looks divine Smile

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the face is well executed and presents a divine look

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Nice! It would be apt if you had drawn Sun God in the center instead of Lakshmi to indicate Sankranthi!

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very divine kolam.Beautifully done.Keep it up!

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Very pretty rangoli with a very good choice of colors and a very divine sankranti lakshmi...

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Colourful Sankranthilakshmi.

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Beautiful one ! We worship Surya Narayanar on this day by drawing a Sun in a chariot. Customs vary in diff parts Smile
Thanks for sharing the rangoli Smile

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Pretty rangoli with Sankaranthi Lakshmi.

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Very beautiful rangoli. God's face in yellow colour looks more divine.


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lovely rangoli.

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Beautiful rangoli. Lakshmi's face is very expressive. Nice.

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Neat work - looks good

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Pretty sankrAnti lakshmi!

Regards! - mOhana

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very divine one with good colours and sankaranthi lakshmi is new for me too.

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Really good rangoli

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Very beautiful rangoli. looks divine

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Thank you, all. Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. We usually draw Sankranthi Lakshmi with sugar canes, pongal pots and Dhanyam. I did not have space, I made a bigger one with details in our aprtment premises. I will upload that. Regards, Malathi