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Drawn and sent by an unknown author. We receive files like these that couldn't be traced back to a valid username, or to an emailid submitted in their profile. Emailing back to the sender gives us no response, and I see no further use waiting any longer. So, I'm going to publish them and save in a folder called "Unknown author" in the Gallery area. Might come in handy one day, when the author claims it some day. Good to be hopeful. Smile

Rangoli: Rose


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Beautiful illustration of roses. I don't know how the filaments got placed here. Smile

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ஊர் ,பேர் தெரியாமல் வந்தாலும் 'பார் பார் ' என்று சொல்கிறது இந்த பூக்கள். .

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wow sooo lovely very useful for embroidery purpose

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send to me. I will paint or embroidary it

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very lovely roses and the leaves too a good design for embriodery

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Very pretty as if it has been etched.

Regards! - mOhana

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Looks like an embossed painting.. very lovely..

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Ms. Anamika this is a lovely rose design so pls do let us know ur name

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wow!!!looks so lovely!!!

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யார் யார் யரர் அவர் யாரோ!ஊர் பேர்தான் சொல்லமாட்டா ரோ!