Roller Rangoli

Sumathi.v Sun, 11/28/2010 - 01:17

Yay, something new from Sumathi! The outlines look pretty well defined in this image, and that does make the design stand out. Ofcourse, our roller experts will shower you with tips very soon. :0
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Hi Sumathy mam, Nice Roller kolam. Your first trial version is really good. Very nice arrangement of diyas. Mahalakshmi
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very lovely roller kolam....the arrangement of diyas are very nice and neat.....
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Sumathi, nice roller kolam. use mixing kolapodi and rice powder or make the holes of the roller bigger with a pin. The diya arrangement is looking very nice. rajamma
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This is a stunningly good rangOli. However, I have some problems in viewing this. The lamps are dominating too much with the result that the strokes are not clearly visible. In fact, the light beams of the lamp, while looking adorable, give an illusion of lines. Regards! - mOhana
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Sumathy mam...whats this....whats this i am seeing from u...WOW....this is something sooo refreshing to see a new attempt by anybody....ur first kuzhal kolam is soooo lovely....regarding d tips...i know u mix ur kolam pdr with raw rice pdr, and d floor has to be wet but not stagnated with even little water....again one more thing is...take d pic only after 10 mins of ur roller this time...d thin lines would've settled nicely on d floor and u get a bright pic....also...if u r not satisfied with just one roll...for one it again...may be u get a thicker stroke and above all these...whichever image editor software u use...just try sharpening ur pic...and see d difference....inda tips poduma innum konjam venuma...hahaha(is this enough...)
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Very well done, Sumathy:) You got your lines very neat and symmetrical. The effect of diya's light adds beauty to this wonderful kolam. Already you have many tips from Rani. Usually the kuzhal with curly lines (neli) make little feeble lines than the straight ones. But, as Rajammaji said, you make the holes bigger using pin and it will give you thicker lines. Also, smooth surface doesn't give thicker lines.
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Cute Roller kolam Sumathi Maam. I guess this is the first entry from members after CM-2. Looks nice with diyas. Quite informative page for making kuzhal kolam.. Thanks experts for sharing your tips which has come out of your own experience.
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Sumathi maam for a first attempt this has come out so good. I tried putting just a border and my hands were shaking like anything :) good work ma
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Tanxs for the valuable comments and advise,Rani as u had mentioned the floor was indeed moist,but as Brinda mentioned the lines where very feeble even after the floor dried.Probably I shld try Rajamji's trick.Rani this pic was sharped using Picasa
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