Rhapsody of colours

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This painting is done by me. I know this is not a kolam but its worth looking at.

Rangoli: Rhapsody of colours


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Hey, Sahu dear when did u do this ? Its fantastic. different color stokes lookingh great.

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cool one Sahana, got to remember the physics experiment we did in our school of dispersion of light...passing a ray of light through prism and get the rainbow colors....hope you too get to experiment sometime.

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wow very nice and beautiful

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Good, next time you arrange these like a peacock feather.

Regards! - mOhana

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Sahana pretty colors used and yes it does remind us of the physics practical class

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Sahana, I thought you have arranged some straws and sticks and taken a photo of it! Good job! Keep it up!

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very pleasing to d eyes....

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Wow!.. very nice Sahana....-Indira Sundar

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Hey Sahana you sure have a good taste for colours - this looks so pretty Smile