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This Rangoli was drawn last year for Pongal. Let me know all your comments.

Rangoli: Rangoli


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Good colour combination the desiggn seems to be very good and also neatly drawn.

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Looks like u have used all the colors available. very bright. neat drawing.

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Good colour combination and neat drawing...-Indira

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Gayathri maam... wow this is an awesome design... I like the way you have combined colors as red-green, darkblue-green, pink-blue-orange... very neatly and beautifully done maam

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very nice colour combination...and design...

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How do you make such bright colors and texture? Do you mix color powder with sand?

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nicely colored ...looks like those umbrellas from Delhi Crafts Fair

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nice design dear

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Bright and neat colouring

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Yes Anirudh looks like the colourful umbrellas I photographed at Dilli Haat - pretty Smile

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different shapes are combined to form a beautiful pattern.

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hai anirudh, beautiful and bright colour combination

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Really eye catching with perfect symmetry-Manasi

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Really eye catching with perfect symmetry-Manasi

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Iam really happy to see all your comments. Thanks.
@jayamohan .. I dint mix any color with sand. Its a readymade color Smile