Rangoli for Pongal

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My pongal-pot rangoli for celebrating Pongal. I have used colored sand for the pot, and chalk for the overflow.


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congrats,,,, nice to see ur

congrats,,,, nice to see ur creation dear,,,, would like to thank for having been an inspiration to this sites birth,,, Smile

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Wow..Aarushi...What a

Wow..Aarushi...What a wonderful creation!!! A very different looking one withnice colours. Congrats for a well deserved ROD title.

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Wow, with this selected as

Wow, with this selected as Rod, she will be thrilled. I've sent her the link and hope to hear from her. In the meantime, just wanted to thank you on her behalf. Smile


Wow nice different pongal pot

Wow nice different pongal pot with neat coloring aaru... Congrats on ROD. Smile

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wow,lovely pot design

wow,lovely pot design aaru.congrats on rod.

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Congrats aaru

Congrats aaru Party

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Aah....such a stylish modern

Aah....such a stylish modern pongal pot Aaru.....great colours and your cement floor is sooooo beautiful Smile

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Wow lata my guess is right

Wow lata my guess is right Smile Laughing out loud but I have a doubt she is a new member or old Smile ...that's why I asked Smile..my wishes to aaru Smile

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Aaru hahah your pongal pot

Aaru hahah your pongal pot looks like "madisar mami".. Laughing out loud how ru?..looks different and pretty.... Smile congrats Aaru... Party

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Wow so sweet and nice are

Wow so sweet and nice Smile are you a new member?? Welcome to ikolam Smile ....you are from?

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Suguna, this member is not

Suguna, this member is not going to answer anytime soon since she is not a frequent visitor nowadays. I guess I'll have to do it in the meantime. She is the inspiration behind this site's birth. Smile
She is my daughter Aarushi. I knew she wasn't going to "get" easy access to her grandmas and aunts (like the way I did) who might teach/ share ways to make rangolis, since she was being raised in the US. I decided to make my own tool that shows the strokes for kolams, which is how ikolam came into existence (my blog). Initially, I shared with family/friends, and then opened it out to the world, and started sharing others works as well. This is the short story. Smile
She is a college student and makes rangolis only for special days.