Rangoli done in Office

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This Rangoli was made on day before diwali at our office , me & my freind Freda , we both have done this. Not very perfect both r immature.

Rangoli: Rangoli done in Office


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your rangoli has come out really well...nice colours used...congrats to you and to your friend...

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Very nice rangoli with good colour comibnation.

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Nice, looking good!

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Bright and beautiful rangoli....after finishing d rangoli u could've redone d outlines with white kolam pdr...that would've given an even better look...

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Very beautiful rangoli with good colour comibnation.

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both have done very well

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Lovely rangoli Shalini, I feel the spreading of colors isn't uniform, but that too looks good.. Any matching dark shade into your rangoli might have changed the mood.. Nice to see your upload after your Radha Krishna rangoli.

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Good attempt. Try more!

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Very Nice Rangoli with beautiful colour combination

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Looks pretty Shalini! The green structure at the right appears to be a little bit elongated, but the whole rangoli with pleasing colors looks beautiful.

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Nice design, pleasing colors used . u both have done good job. ( while drawing free hand design u can put dots at the proper places to get perfect symmetry )

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Such a cute rangoli with lovely colors. Apart from the right green pattern being a little bigger than the rest, I feel the entire kolam is well done.

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Nice Rangoli. Had u reduced the size of the right most green portion, you would have got a perfect symmetry.


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Again Brindha's design?? Am I seeing right?? Bold colours - if only the symmetry was ok then this would have been a good creation Smile