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About Jello:

This is a dotted star kolam. I had borrowed the basic pattern from one of my family member.
I banned my sisters from eating Jello, a few years back. But we have fun making designs with Jello-texture. Bright Jello-colors are my favorite ones to use, for rangolis.
Dot count: 9 to 1

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Jello


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Nice silky star. You banned your sisters from eating Jello, and you were banned from eating 2-minute noodles. So there... Smile

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Beautiful looks Satin Sheets...I like the colour..Aaru waiting to see more of ur creations......

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Beautiful star and nice to see .

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One eyed star and diamonds looking bright. Jello color beautiful .

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simply supperd honey

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Hey Aaru jelly is my favourite dessert and this looks so yummy - very very pretty colour Smile

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it is very very fantastic

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The texture looks yummy

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Lip smacking design

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Jello, o jell-O! So beautiful nobody will eat it! Glad that you could find time to do this amidst your studies Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Looks very Yummy, Aarushi...... The colour adds up to the temptation...... To be very clear," I can Hear a Rumbly in my Tumbly"....... Smile

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Thank you all on her behalf. Smile

I have a confession; she had emailed it to me in August. I didn't want to sound repetitive, and so chose not to mention about my delay. Smile

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looks awesome!!!!

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how to insert kolam in this website...