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This is a simple rangoli.
I am a craft maker. Recently doing one wall mural by name Vasthumural. Just I tried the idea with Rangoli in colour. (I don't have any knowledge in Vasthu).
We can even call this kolam as vasthu kolam since Om, swastic, kalsa and Lakshmipathams are in. Inside design can be done freehand or 9 to 1 straight form.

Rangoli: RANGOLI


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This is a beautiful, spiritual rangoli mat! I am going to include a category on craft projects too madam, so feel free to share your other projects as well.
There are other members who have interests in crafts, art, literature and poetry. I would like to include all these interesting topics in ikolam, so we can all take a look at other interesting projects besides rangolis. I feel so proud and happy about our members' interests and creative hobbies...it is so enriching for all of us Smile

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Thankyou Lata.
i am eaqurly waiting for your crafts to be included.

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Viji Madam ,it is very beautifull.it looks like real carpet. thanks for sharing madam.