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An imagination rangoli for my son.

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Gorgeous design! Beautiful double strokes! How come ikolam didn't discover you earlier? Smile

Where do you buy your kaavi? Sorry to be asking so many questions, but, I just can't help it.

Very very beautiful, thank you so much for sharing this! The center is captivating. Smile

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Wow!!!excellent kolam premaji......beautiful stroks......center part come out very well.....ur kolam looks rich.....

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Beautiful Kolam, centre part looks like the spirograph work

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truely wonderful. its a masterpiece.

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oh god this is sooooo very much beautiful...... looks magnificent and amazing...... a real nice perfection...... god bless you....

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Beautiful Kolam, and amazing design!great work prema.

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Superb design with dark kavi, excellent! Centre design is amazing

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Wow Prema ma'am what an excellent work ... Excellent work ma'am ... this is so nice to see... I cant help admiring it again and again... very very beautiful and the dark kaavi gives it a rich look... I like the dark kaavi... where do u get them from... the locally available ones are usually sort of orange... i love your color

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Extraordinarily beautiful! The colour arrangement and the double lines are very precise. One or two suggestions, if you don't mind. You could count the petals for the inner designs and use the proper number to go well with the overall symmetry (would have been better to use 24 instead of 22 that you used, would have been better to use 16 instead of 17 you used). It is true nobody will notice these. But there is no harm in striving for perfection.

Regards! - mOhana

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Magic in hands!!.... Again dumb struck... Asusual wondering how you drew the centre spiral, so accurate, Can you tell me how...

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what????....how????...is this a dream or reality...i'm still pinching myself...to wake up...but i'm already awake....well wot else can i say, am at complete loss of words....JUST TOO GOOD....

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The middle circle looks like a spirograph design I used to play with when young

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Oh my God!!! this is too good to be true - such a beauty.... No words to describe what I am feeling now - not able to take my eyes from this wonderful creation - thanks a ton for giving us this marvellous kolam Smile

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Simply superb!!!!!!
How did u draw the design. i would really like to know, is it with a stencil, or a pen whhich holds a rangoli. Please reply. Really getting mad by thinking how can a person be so accurate;

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ayyo ayyo no words to say simply superb mam

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hayyoda,no chance,how we praise u? The strokes comes very fluently,thank u for sharing,what else we can say.

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Its Awesome, Prema Ma'am........ SOOOOOO very brilliant....... really dont have words to praise the creation...... Hats Off to You, Ma'am......Thanks a lot for sharing.......

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it is very very superb kolam kaavi is the main attraction

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I like very much this design. Very nice work.


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very beautiful .

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Wow. what a wonderful kolam. Such a beautiful double strokes. No words. Great job.

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Such a beautiful kolam. Extraordinarily wonderful double strokes. Good job.

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Great work, Prema ma'am. I used to wonder if they were stencils, but when Mohana Sir pointed out the number of strokes/petals, realised it was hand drawn. By the way sir, how did you go about counting?!