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About rangoli : PRINT

i have done this rangoli at the entrance of our house during last year navarathri

Rangoli: rangoli


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Very beautifully done. Smile

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Mythili Manohar madam, Manoharamaana kolam!. the design is unique. the colors also bright .( what is the color podi used?)The Deepam with Elephant/ Ganesha's face in the flame is looking great.I like his Mayakkum Vizhi!

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Really pretty and bright colours Mythiliji.

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When i saw the thumbnail, i thought it is a painting..........
but, It is a rangoli................I love Ganesha's eyes......
Excellent one...........

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Pretty and bright colours Mythiliji.

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first i was thinking it as thorams....very nice with gilliters

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That's looks so symmetrical. wonderful job.

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Wow beautifully done... Ganesha has come out beautiful... I too would like to know what is the medium used to prepare the kolam...

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Quite nice, looks like a festoon!

Regards! - mOhana

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Eye catching colors and design!

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I thought they were wall hangings when I saw it first... The Ganesha's eye is really full of life - a very decorative and unique creation Mythili Smile

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mam can u pls xpln the making of this pretty art, is it podi or paint or glitters, so cute

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Looks like wall hanging very neat and nice., extraordinary work.