Flower rangoli for Karthigai

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hi... this rangoli can be put for karthigai deepam... hope you like it

Rangoli: Flower rangoli for Karthigai


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Priyadarshini! Smile

Your Karthigai rangoli decorated with flowers is very beautiful and serene. Placing the lamps on heart shaped leaves is a neat idea. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creation with all of us. Smile

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I lve this! Beautiful, calm and divine.

Regards! - mOhana

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wow!! very very nice flower kolam...the lamp on the leaf is beautiful...Akasha malli flowers(lenthy white flowers)looks nice.

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it is really superb, as lakshmi said it is true the lamps on the peepal leaf gives a rich look

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I could smell the aroma of flowers right now.. Especially the Akasha Malli aka Maramalli's fragrant.. The lamps on leaf give the extra charm to the kolam..

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Neatly arranged flowers, and looks excellent with the lamp in the leaf!

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wow....the hairpin flowers first time seeing them used in the flower-kolam, definitely, the house would be full of nice aroma....and are they peepal leaves? giving a great comibination for the design

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very beautiful,colourful.

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Wow a very casual pookolam with grace - the lamps on peepal leaves add flavour too Smile

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really super

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Your imagination of keeping lamp on peepal leaf is excellent and different

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Y dint u participate in diwali rangoli competition??

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very very nice priyadarshini.

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No words to explain the beauty of this flower rangoi. Use of leaves and the burning diya kept on it further increased the intensity of its beauty

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very beautiful floral decoration mam. so...nice