Rabbits eating carrots

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About Rabbits eating carrots:

These are baby rabbits, they are very cute eating the carrots one by one.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Rabbits eating carrots


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This is so cute! Colorful bunnies nibbling on carrots, safely inside their field!
The inner dotted kolam is a nice pattern too, but could've used a different technique in coloring...just a thought Smile

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Very sweet.. Good one for influencing kids to eat more carrots... like "Popeye eating spinach".. very cute..

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This is a cute rangoli. Have many dots have been used to draw this rangoli, if anyone knows the answer, please reply.

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Thank you madam, this is 16 straight dot four side stop the 6 dot

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its superb pls can i have the dot details into my inbox srujanabh@yahoo.co.in

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Thank you Ms.sruajana, straight dot 16 to 6 (four side stop the 6 dot)

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it is so colourful and beautiful

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16 dots 6 times.