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dot count is 7#7 ...this is also we did on sankranthi

Rangoli: Rabbits


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Cute! I had just made a pair of cats using a 8 dot grid for my daughter, who happens to love cats! Smile

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very nice colorful rabbits.Why no color for the ears?

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Cute Little Colourful Bunnies..... Very nice, Sarala Ma'am....

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Pretty bunnies Sarala.

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very cute.....

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Hi Sunitha... hold on Lata mam will come to your rescue.. she is busy on thursdays.. she will look into your issue over the weekend.. by the way is this the first time you are visiting this site ? which browser are you using ? other website pictures are you able to view the picture ?

Rest Lata mam will take care,
Gowri ... Till that time create some new kolams for us to see Lol

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Thank you Gowri for answering on my behalf! Smile

Sunithaji, thank you for visiting.