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This kolam I have already uploaded as paper drawing,since nobody tried it on the floor, i did with wet maavu. Dot count is easy to see and understand than by reading.Normally when we put big dotted chikku kolams, from start to end we should not get distracted or discontinue in between. once the concentration is shifted it reflects in the kolam.Inbetween so many phone calls, doorbell ringing... so u can see the effect in the centre.( I start drawing from outside and end in the centre)

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: pullimaakkolam


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This is an elaborate one alright. Smile

I never knew you started from the outside, interesting. I always thought it would be easier to start inside and work towards the outer part, mainly because we would avoid any accidental wipe-offs by our feet.:)

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ரொம்ப அழகா போட்டு இருக்கீங்க,
நேர் நேர புள்ளி வைச்சு நேர்த்திய போட்ட கோலம் ராஜம்மா மேடம் தவிர யாராலும் போடா முடியாதுன்னு சொல்லுது , சரிதானா

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rombavum nalla irukku.

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Rajamma maam this is so perfectly spaced and wonderfully done by you... I looks like a stencil to me ... You are truly amazing

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looks grand. lovely.

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wow rajammaji very artistically done great going.......

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very very nice.i like very much

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Kolam ungalai polavee sweet aa erukuthu Rajammaji...-Indira

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Excellent Rajam - looks like a sticker to me - only you could do this kind of justice to a kolam like this I think Smile Lata I too start from the centre and proceed outwards Smile

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rajammaji it looks very nice when i get time i will try this on the floor

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This is such a pretty kolam Rajamma aunty... Beautiful details...

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Rajam, wonderful! A bigger image would give more details! Did you draw the base kolam with a chalk piece? Blum 3

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Beautiful chikku kOlam. The picture could have been bigger and better. I assume this is single line. I wish everyone who does chikku kOlams states clearly in the case of single line kOlams. I am always interested in the single line kOlams. Many times I have to trace to obtain this information.

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow. excellent work Rajamma maa'm. The dots were kept very neat and the kolam is also done very very Beautifully.

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Mr.mOhanaji, thank you for the nice comments. I have drawn this kolam with wet rice maavu. and it is single line kolam .( almost 99% chikku kolams are drawn in single line only.)I am sending the bigger version also seperately.
Jaya, I just put the dots alone with chalk and drew the kolam striaght around that. Finally i put the real dots.
Thank you all others for enjoying this kolam. and commenting on it.

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Rajam maam, wonderfully done, i will surely try this on the floor very soon.

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Chikkentru oru chikku kolam!!!!!.Thank you for sharing


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kolam is very nice super mam. romba nalla irukku. super kolam. just looks like a sticker .

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Romba azaga erukku.Very neat.