Pooja rangoli

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About Pooja rangoli:

This rangoli was done by the assistant of the Purohit who did the pooja in our house. He was filling up the colors from all 4 sides and suddenly he created this Shivalingam just like that.He was using color powdwer without mixing the white rangoli powder.

Rangoli: Pooja rangoli


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Beautiful Lingam.
I would like to ask my girls to use a graph paper to make this type of kolams. Pure color powder! No wonder the colors are so bright. Smile

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very nice.

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Splendid creation. Only colour podi with no spillings anywhere?? He must have had the time of his life before he finished - ultimately the final product is worth all the pains...

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very divine and just amazing the completeness and neatness.

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amazing art work from a purohit.Thank for sharing it Rajamma madam

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i love it... so beautiful

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WOW!!! excellent..amazing work,...thanks for sharing Rajammaji...

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Such a perfect kolam from a purohit, without spilling the powder. I saw a video of a colourful kolam made by purohits somewhere in U.S. for some pooja or kumbabishekam. That was also very nice and big kolam. Many purhits were making that. I think they are used to make these type of kolams for different deities to perform different poojas. Very nice and bright kolam Rajamma Mam and thank you for sharing.

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soo beautifully done........ see the coincidence of using blue color for the Lord, i too used blue..as there was shortage Smile