Poo Kolam

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About Poo Kolam:

kolam for all season.the dot count is 5 to 9
9 to 5

very simple kolam

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Poo Kolam


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Can you see Indira, now your courtyard is smiling1

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dear Indira ma'am... I am new to this site... and obviously new to Kolams on my own... usually i log in to find kolams to use for the next day... and I dont dare to comment, as i feel the Kolams in this site r above all appreciations.... no words can describe the wonderful work... but ur kolams r simply superb.. and so easy to follow.... that i am checking out the site for your daily posts... and hence i cant resist being quite after seeing your wonderful work....so thought of adding a comment... thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful themes... keep up your gud work....

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Thank u sooooooooooooooo much for ur sweet comment.
I have no place to draw kolams here but i found a small courtyard (dinning table also).Purni i will post kolam daily ok. Now r u happy?
Please comment kolams which will u feel gud. no Dare needs to comment a kolam.
try ur own kolam , if it is simple also.what u think write to me . R u a Tamilian?