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Marapachi decoration is our traditional arrangements. In our houses we decorate Marapachi as The God and The Goddess and we do worship. In this I made as Thayar and Perumal.

I decorated the God and the Goddess with jewelery. And also garland.



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Looks divine. I can see a lot of gold colour all over which makes them look rich and decked up. The saree is also tied very neatly, Only thing your picture should have been more clear. That would have changed the complete look of your dolls. All the best Smile

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The saree and jewels are grand! Thayar looks taller than perumal, may be due to the positioning of the dolls!

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very beautiful and looks so real. All the best.

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Beautifully decorated. Perumaal looks gorgeous n is glittering Smile
Best wishes

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Wow the thayaar's saree is so grand and nice. even the garlands are nice.

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Looks very nice.....dressed up very nicely as Perumaal and Thaayar ....jewellery looks good....

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Beautiful.. All the best

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Thank you very much all of you

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The saree and jewels are good and grand.

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Wow..lovely..I have kept a pair of dolls without decoration waiting for the contest entries to be published so that I can use the ideas published here..I am sure I will try out this model

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superb....the lords dressed up with all gold..thanks for the idea

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Oh really nice.

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Thayar and Perumal jodi is looking very devine.

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Beautiful.. All the best

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Decorated as Thayar and Perumal the marapachi bommais look very divine and pretty

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very beautiful.

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I feel both gods have come to earth. Nice decoration