pongal kolam1/ marghazi contest

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hi all ths is the pongal sikku kolam drawn in front of my doorstep. lata mam can i submit this for the sikku kolam contest?

Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2011
Rangoli: pongal kolam1/ marghazi contest


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Your sikku pongal pot is very beautiful....All the best!-Indira Sundar

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wow a new way of representing pots in a sikku, well drawn, well colored, all d best

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Nice idea of creating Pongal pot in Kolams. Pretty work. All the Best Smile

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Lovely pongal pot as a sikku kolam...all d best dear...

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Oh so cute to represent paanai as chikku kolam, very nice

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pot drawn in sikku!!!!!!!! Great very beautiful. All the best

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Pongal pot in chikku looks very great....nicely colored...all the best..

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Very beautiful

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Very nice and neat work.All the best.be proud to be a winner by participating in this contest

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Beautiful pongal pot kolam. The sugarcanes are very nice.- Indu

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Very nice and neatly put pongal panai chikku kolam. Sugar canes are nice. All the best.

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very cute and beautiful pongal paanai.All the best.

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Pongal pot looks beautiful and intelligent way of colouring. Very nice.

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nice idea..

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nice to see two different dimension of the same kolam - all the best

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than you thank you all !!! i am flying on cloud nine.!!! cause i really put a lot of effort to make this sikku kolam. thanks!!

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Pongal pot sikku kolam looks very cute.All the best.

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very cute and beautiful pongal pots ...All the best.

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pretty pot with nice colour combo and nice kolam. All the beast.

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nice and lovely..arunasri

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Neat and cute pongal pot. All the best.

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Nice pot chikku kolam with sweet sugarcane. All the best.

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Very nice kolam - Pongal pot in chikku kolam. All the best.


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cute sugarcanes look nice

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wonderful sikku pongal pot....very aptly decorated with bright colorful sugarcanes..all the best

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Pretty pongal pot with coloured sugar canes on bith sides. Thank you and all d best.

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gud one

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Pongalo pongal . chikku pongal. pongalo pongal. cute pongal. superb!

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very cute and apt for the occassion

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very nice pongal pots with chikku type. all the best.