Pinky white kolam

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This is a pink and white podikkolam drawn on my side table. Could not get white or black Board. Due to wind could not try anything outside Balcony or in the terrece.
Hope you will enjoy this also.

Rangoli: Pinky white kolam


ammuchandhini's picture both of ur submissions r pinky beauties ....super pongo...lovely kolam and pl tell us d dot count pl...lovely beautician job done here....

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i like it very much. my favorite pink is there:)- suguna murugesan

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neat & nice kolam - seetharamani

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the pink and white combination looks very nice on your side table.let me know the dots please.

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wow! mind words rajammaji...

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pudhidhaaga pirandha kuzhandhaiyai paarpadhu pole irukkiradhu.

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lovely pink beauty,
kindly look at this

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beautifuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllll kolam.....

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really very beautiful gud one.

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Superb new design with good colours

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beautiful pink and white fairy.rombave nannanairukku.

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Very beautiful work Rajamma mam. Looks so pretty in pink colour dressing.


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very nice table top kolam

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the background lovely col. combo. fantastic mam. hope rani& vasanth will try on this background.

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ha ha bala mam erkanave veedu fulla kolam pottutu irukennu my hubby is telling, idhule KT, BB, WB poga...naan teapoy, table ellam use panna start pannitennu vachukonga....oru vidhama mudivu panni...both my hubby and my son...will start calling a Psychiatrist. (just joking Bala mam...)

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U know what hubby was teasing me in front of this guest friend that en mudugu mattum than baaki ivanga kolam podradukkunnu...(my back is d only left-over place for her to put kolams)....idhu eppadi is it...

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Innum konja naalu pona, neenga adhaiyum seyyuveenga. Seekiram andha guest oda kolam upload panna sollunga. Evalo neram kaathu kittu irukaradhu.


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Haha...maha...ayyo ayyo...i can see how frustrated u r...thats why went to check my mail and knew that just now returned it seems and will be uploading that in d evening aam...yes evening only...bayappadaadeenge...(don't be afraid)... haha

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rani mam.... really I laughed loudly at my office reading your comment ...(ah! enaku thonama poche...thanks for your ideanu solli irukanum neenga...ha ha ha...) so hubbies thoughts are alike....ha ha ha...

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maha....onnum mattum nalla theriyuthu...Tom & Jerry are nicely playing with dear...

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Hey...i am so upset we r missing our jerrynnu...neenga this time she would've thrown out a list of names ...i would be tenarufying(exhausted) how to stop her...haha

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yes rani mam, I have also sent one SMS but no reply from'nt know...why???