Photo frame

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the frame has wooden base ... and the flowers are of ceramic.....the pic is of my mum and dad-in-law .... gifted them on their anniversary

Rangoli: Photo frame


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nice gift.

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lovely to be gifted with regards

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very nice gift

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great gift.

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Ankita a very fortunate in-laws to have such a gifted and caring DIL

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thanks everyone .... thank u dibbu for such a nice comment Smile

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What a pretty photo frame and lucky parents in law too.. I like how that one flower is place upside down as if it has fallen off. Very creative. Just one small suggestion - Since the entire frame was based in mustard, the flowers should have been a darker contrast colour, then it would have looked more beautiful I am sure Smile

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thank u so much jude ma'am ...i will keep in mind from the ext time... actually i thought ..if i will use a darker or brighter shade... the focus will be more on frame than on pic.... well i will surely try it .....:)

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nice photoframe for a perfect occassion.

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very pretty work.
Apart from the work, the intention to present your inlaws , handmade by you is verymuch appreciatable. Keep doing dear.