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About Peace!:

This is a simple 1 3 5 3 1 type of rangoli.
Where the E's meet, the illusion of a circle
like a halo persists to give a peaceful feeling,
at least that is what I belive.

I am not separately submitting the DEMON=>ANGEl.
It is quite clear. But this type of figure is
called an ambigram. In some cases, it is easy
and in this case it is hard and am not still
satisfied. Generally, I play like this for
wedding gifts with the bride's name in one way
and the groom's name in the other way. I am told
this type of ambigram is in DaVinci Code.

Regards! - mOhana

new year
Rangoli: Peace!


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Great idea

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I don't know much about ambigrams and anagrams (not yet atleast). I did see DaVinci code, but didn't know about/pay attention to ambigrams. I couldn't understand that movie well friend on the other hand said that reading the book prior to watching the movie helped her understand the movie...

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Mohana, we learn more and more from you!