Gowri-Ganesha pooja

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We celebrated Gowri-Ganesha on the sunday in our house.usauly Swarna gowri is celebrated one day prior to Ganesha festival.this year both festivals came same day.thought of sharing this photo with all of you.

Rangoli: Gowri-Ganesha pooja


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The alankArAs are very nicely done. The rangOli in front also must be pleasing to vinAyaka as they contain only patrAs. Is the gaurI in cloth filled with turmeric? I remember my childhood days when my mother will worship gaurI first and then we will begin the actual pUjA of gaNESA. I like the umbrella of vinAyaka too.

Regards! - mOhana

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mOhanaji thank u so much.gowri is filled with beach sand and tied at the rare side, turmaric appiled and set the futures...we also follow the same....first Gowri pooja after that Ganesha pooja...

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alankaara thumba chenaagide, garike has been placed very nicely and is matching with the rangoli

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anirudh avare dhanyavadhagalu...

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alankaram is very beautiful lakshmi.I saw your patience also in that.

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Beautiful ,divine alankaram.Is the face of Gowri done on a coconut? What is the significance of the Muram which I see in the pic? The white mallippu on the argampul green background looks beautiful.

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Sumathi thank u so much. the gauri in cloth filled with beach sand,and applied turmaric and set the eyes,nose etc....that wite haram is cotten mala(gajje-savthra/gajavasthra)not mallippu.that muram.... is called :moradha baagina...in telugu vayanam...
don't know tamil name...

Baginas are prepared as part of the vratha. Each baagina usually contains a packet of turmeric, kumkuma, bangles, black beads (used in the mangalsutra), a comb, a small mirror,kajal, baLe bicchoLe, coconut,saree, blouse piece, dhaanya (cereal), rice, Tur dal, green dal, wheat or rava and jaggery cut in a cube form,metti,thali(mangalasutra), betel leaves, fruits and nuts and dakshina/money. The bagina is offered in a traditional moram. One such bagina is offered to Goddess Gowri and set aside. The remaining Gowri baaginas are given to husband's sisters,(sister-in-law) and married womens.sumathi i have created one rangoli called SUMANGALI RANGOLI it is in my gallery,...i have packed all that items and kept in side the muram(mangala dravyas)...turmaric,kumkum.mirrior..etc....
any body know more about this please shre with all of us.

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Arugampull paayinille, Annai Gowriyin madiyin mele, azhgaana kolam munnaal Ganesha, Amarndhirukkum kolame Azhagu.
Lakshmi you have given complete details of this pooja.Ellavarukkum ellaa mangalamum undaagattum!

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Hi Lakshmi, nobody can explain more than this. Ikolam helps us in knowing different types of cultures and poojas performed by people of different places. As Judy described in her Independence day kolam, we must be proud to be an Indian for being one inspite of so many divisions in our country. We must transfer this asset to our younger generation more beautifully.
As usual your kolam and decoration is very divine.

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Rajammji and brindha many many thanks.we use morams because it made out of bamboo tree.should we plant one bamboo tree many plants grows from the same root. ... like that our family should also gorw & expand....so muram is used. in that we kept all these items because whatever God has blessed us we can share it with others..by giving this we pray God to give us SOWMAANGALYA SIDHI..SOWBHAGYASIDHI....views are welcome....

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Very nice decoration.
At coimbatore teen age girls are taught how to make Gowri. I too learnt making (Sorry we dont have the habit of preparing Gowri but learned to make).It was pleasent days.
Sorry sorry again for my old thoughts.
lakshmi very nice alankara and looks very divine.
Thanks for sharing. On SwarnaGowriday i phoned up to Coimbatore and talked over my friends and shared the happenings.
On seeing your photo i got the visual treat too. Thanks

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Looks very divine and very nice decoration. Usually telugu and kannada people celebrate this swarna gowri vratham. The chaatallu vayanam namaley that moram stuff is considered to be given to godess Parvathi to get sowmangalyaam from her. This is what i was told. Very well done lakshmi Maa'm.

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I remember reading a colloquial kannaDa song about morada bAgIna and here it is -

En nOhI mADdyammA | What sort of worship did you perform
En bAgnA koTyammA | What sort of gifts (of morada bAgIna) did you offer
En kathe kEL ninna patiya prANa paDade
What kind of story did you narrate to obtain the life of your husband back

En nOhI nAnariyE | I did not perform any worship
En bAgnA nAnariyE | I did not offer any sacred gifts
ennattE mAvaMdira charaNavoratu maguLariyE
Except to be obedient to my in-lawa, I know not anything else

I have only this part from a mangaLagaurI dhavaLa. dhavaLas are songs in praise of gods. For example, the daSAvatAra of jayadEva is a kIrti dhavaLa.

Regards! - mOhana

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mOhanaji thank u so much, this is the first time i have hear this song.The meaning goes realy good...

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Thank u lakshmi for the detailed explanation which we are unaware in Chennai

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Pondering over the beauty for a day helps sometimes, some of my questions had been answered, there is only one thing I'd like to know; what is garike? Smile

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Arugampul in tamil i think Lata...

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Lovely Lakshmi - I learnt something new today. The alankaram and the rangoli compliment each other. I remember seeing those cotton buds on your loft the last time I came home...

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Lata Arugampul in English is known as the Bermudagrass ...

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Judy thank u...yes ur right.hmmm super memory power!!!

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Ganesha is pleased by the decoration &Lakshmi is blessed ,beautiful Lakshmi you said for gowri you tie mud in cloth &apply turmeric to it and pray ....right?then you immerse both the idols in water??

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Asha many many thanks...yes Asha ur right.

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Very divine and eyes are not moving from this lakshmi.Thank u for share this.In tamilnadu also we use muram in sumangali pooja.For suvasini pooja,we kept all the things like lakshmi said in the muram and do the padha pooja for sumangali ladies and give the muram with mangala items kept init.ikolam is the string and all us are beads,Latha thanku soooooo much.

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Madhuhariniji thank u so much.in kannada we call moradha baagina, in telugu caata vayanalu,...what u call in tamil madhuji??

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Beautiful picture and rangoli! We do the exact same in our home. I follow the same traditions in the US too. The rangoli is very good, even though the floor is patterned! I have lost touch of doing rangoli by hand, so I use those metal/plastic rangoli moulds and fill it with Rangoli and just press on the floor. But in front of the house, I painted rangoli with outdoor paint. I seem to not know how to fill the rangoli with colors as it spills out of the lines. Any suggestions please when I do try to do hand rangoli without those moulds? PS: ನಿಮ್ಮ ಗೌರಿ ಗಣೇಶ ನೋಡಿ ತುಂಬಾ ಸಂತೋಷ ಆಗಿದೆ. Reminds me so much of my home puja when I lived in India.

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Rangoli is looking like a mat, where we sit and do puja, excellent work and neatly arranged puja mandapam