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This is a padikolam which I tried today. Hope you all like it.

Rangoli: Padikolam


ammuchandhini's picture

Wow...push...such a thick netted maakolam done by u....this is looking so pretty....with kavi

umaraja's picture

wow, what a thick execution in a maakolam dear ,, lovely
by d way what happened?missing u for d past 2 days??

anirudh's picture

wow...wonderful pushpa mam....this is soooooooo nice....i am visiting this page multiple times, very neat & perrrrrfect Smile

smahalakshmi's picture

Very very neat and perfect maakolam dear, Pushpa. Looks so grand with kaavi decorations.


julien's picture

beautiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffuuullllll maakolam with lovely diays.. using with kavi....

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Thank you all for your lovely comments... @Uma, I was a little busy with cleaning and all dear so could not come...@Anirudh... thanks Anirudh, i am so glad u liked it, and welcome back after a long time.

vijaysowmya's picture

Wow!!!!!! A very perfect maa kolam. Just staring at this beauty for a long time...Awesome presentation Pushpa.

alameluranganath's picture

wow wonderful maa kolam nice design. beautiful

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

"Ninna ee khavi bellagini rangoli
kalpisidhe devastanada angala
alli belagidhe saanadighe
prakasha haradisi
suka shantiya nemmedisi
pritia paata kalisi
neledidhe namma manadalli
Ninna ee khavi bellangini rangoli"
What a beauty dear .No words with me to justify its beauty

Nalini Venkatesh's picture

wow, too good

Suguna Murugesan's picture

splendid! pushpa un maa kolathil sokkivitten:)-suguna murugesan

annapoornats's picture

pretty and neat!!!!

rajamma_2's picture

What a bright and bold beauty this is. Push, really u have mastered the art of maa/padikkolam. I am very happy to see all your new new versions of padikolam.. Since this also a free hand kolam , I am sure you can draw the design kolam also with ease. Pl try.

Padma Prakash's picture

Wow, Pushpa, what a splendid and pretty maa padikolam made by you. The strokes and the filling are very nice.

Padma karthik's picture

Vowww Pushpa maam...What a different thought process? Innovative padikolam!
So perfect that it looks like a sticker! Pramadham!! Feel like watching it again and again...
- PadmaKarthik

dibbutn's picture

Thank you Padma Karthik dear, I am glad u liked it. Pls feel free to call me Pushpa.

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lovely maa kolam pushpa mam