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In the North America, Thanksgiving Day is observed as a harvest festival, somewhat akin to the sankrAnti or pongal in India. It is the day when the families gather and offer their thanks to the almighty God and all others for what we are and how we are. In the US it is observed on the last Thursday of November. Infact, the Christmas season starts the very next day, the so-called black Friday. This is perhaps the busiest travel period in the country. Thanksgiving day is a great day, except for the millions of turkeys Wink Here is a paDikOlam made especially for the Thanksgiving day with cornucopia and fruit baskets, hollies, poinsettias and tendrils.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: paDikOlam - 23 - Thanksgivingday paDikOlam


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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
nicec creation.frouts basket looks very leaves gives rich look.

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Lovely Patterns, JKMji.....Happy Thanksgiving to You!!!......

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thanks mOhanaji. looks so good..happy thanksgiving!!!

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Happy thanks giving.lovely patterns with hryudayakamalam in the middle:)

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Did I see Purni's comment?? Where have you been?? welcome back... JKM nice fusion padikolam Smile

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Like a good feast to the eyes.

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Just an explanation. A picture of an empty cornucopia was taken and coloured and filled with fruits, etc. and placed at the four corners. On the other hand, the fruit basket is real. The empty basket with the stringed hRdayakamalam ( is at the centre. The same was filled with real fruits and placed above the squares in all the four directions. In this regard it is a fusion of real and imaginary patterns Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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A padikolam for Thanksgiving! Very very nice! Smile