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About padikkolam:

This is the bigger version of the kolam which was uploaded in small size.

Rangoli: padikkolam


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Thanks for loading again for us.. Though its blurred I enjoyed...

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lovely design ...thanks for reloading it jayanthy mam.....i just luv d outer checks ...or does it look so...on d lotuses...

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Very nice, but i think the picture is in shakky mode

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Nice design,jayanthi mam

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nice padikolam.janthi mam.

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Thanks jayanthi. We are able to make out the interior design but still a bigger side with little more resolution would have fulfilled our thirst.

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Sorry, contd....a correction pls....... still bigger size.

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Aww Jayanthi - this looks to be such a pretty padikolam but due to the quality of the picture I am not able to enjoy it completely Sad