Padi kolam

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Gomathi, could you please tell us about the materials used to make this beautiful padi kolam?

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Thank you Latha for your compliment on my kolam. I made this kolam out of poster color paint (orange and green). You should use a thick brush then the finish is good.

bharathibhaskar's picture you draw this rangoli please tell me.

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Thank you Ms Bharathi Bhaskar. I made this kolam with poster color paint (green and orange).

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hi its very nice, can u give me few more padi kolams .i stay in a apartment so i need simple ones similar to this.can this be done in rice powder also.

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Hi Selvi

Thanks. Yes you can use rice flour to make such padi kolams. I dont have soft copies of any padi kolam design with me. I just do whatvere comes to my mind.


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A new medium for padi kolams Gomathi - this looks really interesting..