Padi Kolam

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Padi Kolam New trial. My mom helped me to complete it with kavi. Eagerly waiting for ur views. Smile


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This is a very technical

This is a very technical design for me, I simply love it , your lines are set out beautifully wow!!!

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No objection from my side.

No objection from my side. Carry on.

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really wonderful try priya.I

really wonderful try priya.I would like to try it on ps.any objection?

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Wow...Beautiful Padikolam

Wow...Beautiful Padikolam Priya. Doesn't look like a trial at all. Well done and nice symmetry maintained. Kavi looks bright and pretty. Smile Hope to see more from you like this. Smile

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Thank u rani madam, uma madam

Thank u rani madam, uma madam and thank u aunty for ur nice comments. Please keep on encourage me like this. This is my first padi kolam all because of sowmya madam and rani madam's creations. By immitating both of them only i did it. Thanks a lot gurujies.

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Wow....fresh floor la

Wow....fresh floor la padikolam with kaavi is neat n perfect...strokes are nice Smile

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absolutely neat priya,,,

absolutely neat priya,,,

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Wow Priya very neat

Wow Priya very neat presentation. nice with kavi.

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wow...padi kolam so neatly

wow...padi kolam so neatly done by u priya...strokes r too neat...nice with kavi Smile