Our Navarathri golu

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About Our Navarathri golu:

We had a great Navarathri celebration this year. Hightlight of this year's pooja was the Lalitha Sahasranama Pooja done by Shringeri mutt.
We do a different theme in our golu every year. We had built a small Indian village this year. Kids had a wonderful time making all the huts and houses. We had hatched roof and brick houses built.sowed seeds around for fields in the village. We made a small well, bullock cart, temple etc.I was so happy that I was practically able to show and tell the kids on how simple life in a village would be.
I am happy that Navarathri is well done by all Indians here and it is exposing our kids to the rich Indian culture.

Sangeetha Subramanyam

Golu contest 2010
Rangoli: Our Navarathri golu


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Very neat display against a pretty green background. Wish the picture was more clear. All the best Smile

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Nice arragement.

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I thing Lakshmi is on lotus.I like that doll and arrangements.

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Lovely arrangement but a clearer picture would hv been nice

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Beautiful.. All the best.

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neat and cute golu

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Cute and nice! Marapachi decoration is not very clear. Have you participated in that contest also?

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I had downloaded a very clear picture. I infact saw the picture I have with me again and it is pretty clear. Don't know why it is like this here. I hope the clarity does'nt go against me Sad

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Very nice arrangement of the golu and Lakshmi's altar. Kathakali dancers on both ends look royal.

About your picture clarity; I remember that you had uploaded another picture also that was a close up of this golu, along with this one, the same day, but that was even more blurred than this one. There wasn't enough time to contact you and wait for a replacement.

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simple and cute.

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