Old Wine in a new bottle, but what a beautiful bottle!

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Old Wine in a new bottle, but what a beautiful bottle!

From the top left -
1. Take a regular pentagon.
2. Cut the bottom to have an "open" pentagon (Well our Pentagon is always closed Smile
3. Form a cross shaped pattern with this and its symmetry mates obtained by rotations of 90, 180 and 270 deg.
4. Form a single line pattern as shown at the bottom.

A square formed with the bottom left pattern is shown on the right.
No of lines - 2, Symmetry - 422 (90 deg rotn about the vertical and four 180 deg rotn in the plane)

Don't you like this? Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Old Wine in a new bottle, but what a beautiful bottle!


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Wow....Of course we like this. Looks so elegant with those soft colours. Thanks for a nice visual treat Sir.

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wow nice!

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Wow...such a new pattern jkm sir....definitely want to try this on floor...:)

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Wow JKM sir, this wine sure tastes very good Angel lovely pattern. Can you enlighten regarding how to copy and paste in photoshop sir??? Like you do one pattern and want the same pattern repeated elsewhere in the same kolam. I am still in the learning process in photoshop. Using youtube and guidance from Suba to learn photoshop a little better.

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Very nice pattern in yellow and red. Smile

Pushpa, you can use the "marquee" tool (the tool located at the top of the tool box which is shaped like a dotted rectangle. That is used to select a piece of anything from your canvas.) Just drag the rectangle around your shape to be copied to select it, hit control+C, or choose edit and copy, and hit control+V, or edit-paste. You should be able to use this technique to copy and paste in any software program. Let us know if you have problems.

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Lata dear, I have been using this technique of copy paste (CTRL C/V) a lot in other other software like paint and in other documents so I had tried the same technique in Photoshop after selecting using marquee tool, I do not know for what reason it does not seem to work. I also tried the edit option one too but once I use the marquee tool and go to edit, the copy and paste options available under that are not highlighted, so I am stuck with doing the entire kolam. Anyways, Thank you dear.

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I think I know what may be going on here. Check to see if you are in the same layer where your object is. And make sure to be in the same layer while pasting (after copying). Those options becomes inactive if you are trying to work in a layer which is not visible, or which is not selected to be worked on.

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amazing sir!!!

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very attractive design and esp. the center, thanks for sharing jkm sir.

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JKM sir, lovely pattern done using a cross design made out of a open pentagon. Thanks for this lovely treat.